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Upcoming shows

Past shows

28/09/19 ROTTERDAM (NL) Over de Brug Festival
10/08/19 MOLIETS-ET-MAA (FR) L'open Bar
09/08/19 MOLIETS-ET-MAA (FR) Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel
08/08/19 OYAMBRE (ES) Star Surf
06/08/19 LLANES (ES) Enter the Wave
04/08/19 MOLIETS-ET-MAA (FR) Star Surf
03/08/19 BAILLEUL (FR) Le Barabao
27/07/19 KATWIJK (NL) W&W Surffestival
13/07/19 ALMERE (NL) Afterparty Vis à Vis
12/07/19 CASTRICUM AAN ZEE (NL) Bakkum Vertelt
16/06/19 HOORN (NL) Stadsfeesten (Roode Steen)
09/06/19 AMSTERDAM (NL) Pllek
08/06/19 VLISSINGEN (NL) Cuisine Machine
18/05/19 UTRECHT (NL) Benefiet Veritas
19/04/19 SEVENUM (NL) Prilpop
06/04/19 LAAR (B) Schuurfeest
29/03/19 UTRECHT (NL) Leoparte + Monkey Sandwich @ ACU
26/01/19 MIDDELBURG (NL) TenTemPiés + Leoparte
08/09/18 BENNINGBROEK (NL) Pas-Pop
07/09/18 DE BILT (NL) Kunstmarkt
02/09/18 ROTTERDAM (NL) Pica Pica In de Lugt
18/08/18 UTRECHT (NL) Buurland (besloten)
04/08/18 'S-GRAVENZANDE (NL) De Grote Pit Show
03/08/18 AMSTERDAM (NL) ADAM's Beer Festival
22/07/18 VENLO (NL) Blïerock
08/07/18 UTRECHT (NL) Schimmelpleinfestival
07/07/18 DELFT (NL) Westerpop
23/06/18 EINDHOVEN (NL) Altstadt
02/06/18 BERGEN (NL) Woodlands
26/05/18 AMSTERDAM (NL) Maloe Melo
24/05/18 AMERSFOORT (NL) Pitchers
21/05/18 GORINCHEM (NL) Waterpoort Festival
20/05/18 DELFT (NL) Pre-party Westerpop
12/05/18 LOSHEIM AM SEE (D) Alle Hüllen LosLosLosheim
11/05/18 SAARBRüCKEN (D) Studio 30
10/05/18 AACHEN (D) Autonomes Zentrum
05/05/18 HOORN (NL) Bevrijdingsfestival
27/04/18 UTRECHT (NL) Averechts
01/04/18 HOORN (NL) Eipop 2018
29/03/18 UTRECHT (NL) EP release Masks

No limits! No borders! Just dance!

We mix ska and pop with a wide variety of genres like afrobeat, cumbia, salsa, reggae and gypsy. We want people to dance to the moment with music to think about afterwards. We try to shake up the world and bring a little vibrancy and happiness to it!

The band

We founded Leoparte in 2015. Seven guys, three different cities, one love for music. Inspired by bands such as The Cat Empire, Manu Chao and Mano Negra we recorded a demo and started playing gigs all around the country. We gained experience and new influences along the way.

Our fanbase expanded as we played festivals, bars and many other venues, bringing positive vibes and danceable grooves wherever we went. Winning an important band contest in 2016 brought us more attention and more gigs! Another milestone was our first gig across the border in Germany in 2017.

All this brought us to where we are today. 2018 is all about our new EP ’Masks’. This release is a big step forward regarding quality and diversity! With the new songs we continue to bring positive vibes and danceable grooves wherever we go!

The members

With a unique style and recognizable voice, Neil is the face of the band. With words he gives value to the music. Boris is the mastermind in the band. He plays bass guitar, is the primary songwriter and the creative backbone.

As a drummer, Hugo keeps the band’s heart beating, both musically and organizationally. Jan gives the band its guts with his daring organ grooves and inimitable piano riffs. Guitarist Max brings the power, delivering energetic punches when needed, but also capable of subtle movements and gentle touches.

Last, but definitely not least: we present our indispensable brass players, consisting of Leo on the low end and Florian who brings the treble. Without their essential sound, the band would have no soul and vigor.

Leoparte consists of individual characters that work together with a single mind, body and soul. We strive to make the world a better place with music, dancing along the way!